d.j. Rudy Franceschi
d.j. Rudy Franceschi

Radio Studio Pi�
- Jazz - Technopop - Soul - Funk - Rare Groove - Brasil and African Music - Erupterd into a dance phenomenon.

- I promote this special sound that has some spirit, dream of music mode with feeling. Keep listening to it and keep dancing wicked. Thank you all.


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Ogni secondo e quarto sabato del mese a DESENZANO DEL GARDA / SIRMIONE.




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Dopo la chiusura di un’avventura durata 4 anni alla CORTE DEI GIGANTI di MONTICHIARI , Rudy Franceschi e Daniele Baldelli hanno iniziato una nuova storia musicale presso LE PLAISIR –MAZOOM – di Sirmione Desenzano - La musica copre i 30 anni storici dalla Baia degli Angeli ,il Cosmic , il Melamara , il Typhoon , con la prosecuzione delle sonorità in chiave moderna. Stessa Musica


Ogni sera Radio Studio Più, la vera proposta nella trasmissione serale alle 20.00.

Si ascolta e si parla sempre di Afro, Funky, Brasiliana.

Per contatti veloci o serate scrivetemi al: info@rudyfranceschi.com




Deejay since 1977 , vinyl collector and eclectic character , starts his dj experience on 1976 in the disco LE CUPOLE near Brescia City and immediately stands out for his unusual mixing style , selecting only Funky & Soul Music in the Disco musical context . His fame grows also thanks to his daily broadcasting in the first FM free Italian free radios, but later on in 1980 he began in one of the most famous Disco near Mantova city (MELAMARA ). .



. At MELAMARA he played till 1989, except for 15 months on 1984-85 where the competitor and famous disco TYPHOON in Gambara Brescia called him as a resident DJ with Mozart Rubens and Ebreo. During this period Rudy's alternative music ( Afro Funky, Electro - New Wave , Brasil , reggae influenced the growth of a different music scene..Rudy was really a precursor of times and in fact was the first Deejay in Italy to offer what is now know as German New Wave . The most important revolution was the contribution Rudy gave in the 90's to the birth of an independent radio Called RETE RADIO AZZURRA, introducing the alternative music mixed every evening and every night In 5 years Rudy Franceschi, Daniele Baldelli, Mozart , Rubens , Lodola ,MEO , Joele were booming as Afro Phenomena with parties every day of the week , where thousands of persons come to dance from all Italy , Austria, Germany ...creating a large number of fans who identified themselves in the Italian Afro Movement , later Brazilian , rare groves and now blaxploitation and re-edits. In the 90's Rudy works with the Italian label (Tribal Italia) and one of the tracks performed by TBC reached the European Hit parade ...Amandi and Hallah Hallah. Since 2000 Rudy collaborate with the Italian Network "RADIO STUDIO PIU" , and broadcast EVERY EVENING at 20:15 after Daniele Baldelli. The sound includes Funky and Electro Grooves , re-edit and several songs that Rudy collect around the world, where 's travelling every month. From 2010 to March 2013 resident for 4 years at innovative Newyorkese Loft LA CORTE DEI GIGANTI , near the city of Brescia, a return to the past with a performance that qualified again the sound of the past mixed with all the re-edits.! Having a great collaboration with master DJ Belabouche DJ Steven Bonetti & the Jungle Deep Prod. he continue with Daniele Baldelli Rubens in LE PLAISIR –MAZOOM on the lake of Garda , one of the most famous Disco Undergound of the 90!

The comments on his longlasting career are: " I will continue until the music I propose will not make more people dance !

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